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SpellBee Universe is a long-running custom that urges young kids to build their spelling aptitudes, vocabulary, and poise for public speaking. We organize national, state, and regional bees for primary, secondary, and high school children.

We help students be proficient in English and develop the right energy to become literary leaders with extraordinary language aptitudes.

Previous SpellBee events

We are thrilled to share with you the incredible success of our recent SpellBee event, which we organized with the aim of promoting literacy and learning among children. The event drew in a massive participation from students of all ages and backgrounds, and the enthusiasm and energy in the room were palpable.

With meticulous planning, attention to detail, and a passionate team of organizers, we created an event that exceeded all expectations. Our goal was to provide a platform for young learners to showcase their spelling skills and foster a love for language, and we achieved this and much more. The turnout for the event was overwhelming, with participants coming from far and wide to compete. The enthusiasm and energy in the room were palpable, and the competition was fierce. The judges were impressed by the level of skill and talent on display, and it was clear that the students had prepared thoroughly for the event.


Saravana Kumar


Media professional with 23 years of experience working with leading television channels, live broadcasting, filmmaking, events, and more. Saravana is also a Guinness World Records holder.

Vani Gowda


Diverse professional background spanning over 15 years, with notable achievements in entrepreneurship, social work, writing, sports, and event organizing in the field of education.

The Juries

Dr. R Vijaya Saraswathy

Renowned author, inspirational coach, and experienced professional with a diverse background. She is the Pro Vice-Chancellor at St. Mother Theresa University, Founder-Director of Hopewill International FZ LLC, UAE., and Director at the International Affairs For International Human Rights Association, along with donning many more hats.

Bipinchandra Chaugule

Educated in Physics, Sociology, Journalism, Information Technology, Television production, working for overseas TV channels director and script-writer for many decades, Founder/President of the Association of Left-handers, India.

Ashok K M Gowda

Possesses a diverse skill set encompassing architecture, education, and politics. He has proficiency in several languages and a keen interest in social welfare. Mr Gowda is deeply passionate about creating a sustainable and inclusive India through skill development and tourism initiatives and contributing to the betterment of society.

Our Team

Swetha V

Technology & Development

Sharan Vijayakumar

Technology & Development

G Amarnath Rao

Web Developer

Yashaswi MRN

Digital Marketing

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