The SpellBee Universe competition is a contest where participants are asked to play vocabulary-based games and spell words correctly. The first 2 rounds will be on the app and the last 2 rounds will be an offline event where the competitors typically take turns spelling words aloud, and each person is eliminated from the competition if they misspell a word.

It will be available on the play store and the app store shortly. All the registered users will be intimated with the app link to download.

The SpellBee Universe competition aims for students to know and understand English vocabulary and pronounce and annunciate words correctly.

Typically, spelling bee competitions are open to students from ages 6 to 16 years and elementary, middle, and high school grade levels.

To prepare for a SpellBee Universe competition, you should study commonly misspelled words and practice spelling them out loud. You may also want to use flashcards or the SpellBee Universe app to help you memorize spellings.

The first two rounds are conducted in the app, where questions are auto-generated by our AI. Results are declared based on the time participants take to answer all questions correctly.

The third and fourth rounds are judged by a panel of judges who listen to the participants spell the words. If a participant misspells a word, they are eliminated from the competition.

The prizes for winning the SpellBee Universe competition vary depending on the competition and are subjected to the terms and conditions of the competition. Some competitions may offer cash prizes and gifts like a digital watch, an iPad, holidays etc., while others may offer trophies or certificates. In some cases, winners may also earn scholarships, a trip to NASA, and other forms of recognition.

The registration process for the SpellBee Universe competition can vary. Here are some general steps you can follow to register:

  • Download the SpellBee Universe App from Google Play Store.
  • Once downloaded, register by creating an account.
  • Download the SpellBee Universe App from Google Play Store.
  • Pay a registration fee of 380 + GST to enter the first round (Progressing rounds will carry their registration fees).
  • Cross each level by scoring high.
  • After two stages or rounds, participants enter the physical and television rounds.

SpellBee Universe competition will share feedback on the app to let you know if you are eligible to participate in the next level or round.

Yes, each round has a deadline. You will get notified about these after your registration is complete.

You need to provide the necessary information required for registration, such as your name, grade level, school and contact information so that you can be registered for the right category and level and be notified of your progress throughout the competition.

Yes, the participant must pay the registration fee.

Competition Rules and Guidelines

1. You can attend pre-competition events, such as study sessions or practice rounds, to help you prepare for the competition.

2. On the day of the competition, arrive at the designated location at least 1 hour before the start time to check in and receive any necessary instructions or materials.

3. The SpellBee Universe registration fee is non-refundable.

4. It is important to review the terms and conditions of the registration process and understand the refund policy before completing the payment.

5. Competition decisions will be made by the spell master, judges, and finally by the show producer collectively.

6. Parents must cooperate with the schedule in the physical/ television rounds. We try our best to get things done within the deadline, but shooting may sometimes take more time.

7. We treat all the students equally.

8. All content and show formats are copyrighted and registered. If anyone misuses them, we reserve the right to take legal action.

9. All the competition videos will be available on YouTube and our website.

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